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ZUK Z1 Still Kept 50% Battery Capacity After 9-Hour Heavy Usage

The ZUK Team had a crazy battery test of their ZUK Z1 smartphone last week via the Chinese micro-blog Weibo (like Twitter). What was impressive was that the result showed ZUK Z1 had an incredible long battery life which drained ONLY 47% consumption of the battery.

According to the records of the ZUK Weibo, the fully charged battery test started from 8:30 AM to 5:45 PM which lasted 9.25 hours in 4G LTE network with WiFi on as well as constantly using all kinds of apps like WeChat (an app like WhatsApp) and QQ etc. 

What we know now is that the device would carry a 4000+mAh battery with software optimization to reduce power consumption. In the 9-hour heavy usage test, the battery remained over 50%, which is good news for heavy users.