Cyanogen OS

An Open OS Built by the Users, for the Users

Cyanogen backs the largest open source Android developer community in the world. They’re all working together to create some of the most advanced customization, performance, and security technology available anywhere.


With an open OS, you’re in control. From the big picture down to the smallest details, you have more freedom and more choices. Your mobile experience should be as unique as you.

Themes:Change literally everything about your device’s appearance. Cyanogen OS goes far beyond wallpaper and fonts to enable incredibly deep levels of customization—from icons to book animations, to lockscreens, and more

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Custom Controls: Change almost every interaction with your device. Add and remove buttons, change hardware to software buttons, select actions for different gestures, customize access from your lockscreen, and more.

Camera: Unlock the power of your camera with deep software control. Advanced Modes give you access to 60 FPS slow motion video, burst mode, exposure compensation, white balance, and more. Onetap capture ensures you never miss a moment, and you can pull down live filters with a swipe. The integrated gallery brings together all your photos from multiple services, automatically sorting them and removing duplicates.

Enhanced Experiences

Core experiences like audio and calling can be better. That’s why Cyanogen is reimagining the way we use every day apps and precisiontuning them through the lens of our users.
AudioFX: Get unmatched customization and quality for your music. AudioFX delivers 24bit HighRes Lossless Audio with bass boost, surround, reverb, and 12 preset configurations—plus the ability to create as many custompresets as you like.

Say Goodbye to Spam Calls: With more than 1.7 billion contacts worldwide, the robust caller ID included in Truecaller Integrated Dialer allows you to identify and block incoming spam right from your heads up notification.

A Truly Smart Screen: Live Display intelligently adjusts your screen based on the light in your environment and time of day. In bright sunlight, the contrast and saturation is increased for readability, and at night the screen reduces the stimulating effect of blue light so as to not disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Privacy & Security

Cyanogen takes security and privacy extremely seriously. Every day they work as a community to make Cyanogen OS more secure.
Privacy Guard: Privacy Guard helps you understand exactly what your device is revealing to the world—so you can have total control over what is shared, if anything.

PIN Scramble: PIN Scramble randomizes the numbers behind your password every time. You never have to worry about someone spying on your PIN strokes or reconstructing you PIN from smudges on your screen.

Protected Apps: Keep any private apps safe from prying eyes. Protected Apps lets you secure selected apps out of sight, inside secure and lockable folders on your home screen.

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