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ZUK Z1 will have USB Type C

ZUK has been following OnePlus’ footsteps, or so it appears. Just like OnePlus and OPPO, ZUK and Lenovo share more than just a passion for making phones.

ZUK’s first phone will be the ZUK Z1, the specifications of which aren’t out yet. What they do have though is a minute-long commercial, which you probably should (not) check out. OnePlus announced a while back that the OnePlus 2 would have USB Type C, and ZUK made the same announcement earlier today.

Besides, it has also been learnt that the Z1 will have a battery with more than 4,000mAh of capacity. Now, that is something for a phone! What we also know is that the Z1 will feature a fingerprint sensor.

In all, the phone is shaping up to be something to probably watch out for. What ZUK need to be mindful of is their marketing strategies; the smartphone market is very sensitive with the amount of competition that going on, and it isn’t very difficult to lose the plot with one bad move.