Every inch of the phone is comfortable

The comfortable experience is much more important than the appearance and thickness. The precision transition between metal frame and glass display, smooth and mellow flow line corners, arc design of the back cover. The details make the most suitable design that gives you comfortable using experience.

Proper arc

We believe that hand-held device ought to have comfortable feeling for long time operation. No matter one hand or two hands operation, finger tip or palm , we studied every part of the phone that your hand will touch and thought through all the elements on the phone in order to make the perfect adaption to the natural shape of the hand.

Accurate bezel design

Z1 uses aviation aluminum, which went through 16 CNC manufacture procedures and 209 machining operations in total. Machining precision is limited to 0.03mm. Nanotechnology In-Mold Decoration guarantees the sturdiness. Sophisticated grit blasting makes fine touch.

CNC manufacture procedures
Machining operations
Machining precision

Same material, different craftsmanship

Z1 offers two choices, one backcover uses high precision multi layer film craftsmanship and the other one uses imitation metal coating craftsmanship. Bright white make you look more fashion, grey metallic texture make you more mysterious.

Simple, start from one button

Z1 integrated Home, Back, Multi-task functions into one button, symmetric and centralized. Combine all the operations together and endow powerful functions. Simple design guarantee you simple operation.

You have more time with the high-capacity battery

The ZUK Z1 is equipped with a 4,100 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery to ensure a lon service between charges. The battery adopts a novel trapezoidal structure to make clever use the internal space, enabling huge capacity yet kept the phone slim. The Z1 supports 2.5A fast charging, fully recharging within 2.5 hours. Furthermore, the ZUK Z1 supports USB OTG, enabling recharging of other phones.

12 Hours Surfing
15 Hours Watching video

Plug it in with either side, convenient and easy

Z1 uses latest USB 3.0 Type-C interface. Data transmission speed is 10 times of traditional USB 2.0. Connect as you want without differenciating up and down.