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Q & A

Q1 What is frequency band?

Make sure the phone has the frequency band that your local network operators support.

Q2 Where can I get smartphone parts/components?

If customers need any smartphone parts, costumers can contact the sellers.

Q3 What about warranty?

ZUK made agreement with authorized agents, 1 year warranty is provided. Customer who needs repairing could contact your seller. They're going to send the phones back to us and get it fixed.

Q4 Why is the phone storage less than advertised?

The device's storage capacity shown on the box and in any advertisements is it's total storage capacity and in fact exist in the device. The total storage capacity is divided into internal storage and device storage. Part of the capacity is used to make sure your device is running at optimal performance levels.

Q5 Why can't I turn on the phone?

Charge the phone for 20 minutes, and start it again.

Q6 How to fix the wifi reconnection issue?

1. Scan the QR code or download the APK

Download url:
2. Open the APK and copy the ID code

3. Paste the ID code and send it to this email:

4. Wait for OTA update from Cyanogen Inc